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Concepts of Spring LLC has many facets to its operations, Financial and Accountancy services, Business Development Consultancy and more recently the sale of branded physical products.

The Spring Safe & Sound® Brand was launched in August 2014, the first product in the planned range of safety and security products is the Magnetic Cabinet Security System. Whilst our magnetic locks lend themselves to extreme versatility in their use, the initial market targeting is aimed toward Child Safety and Baby proofing at Home. Of this strategy, company founder, Sharon Paula Ring indicated that Child Safety and Baby proofing in the home was a subject very close to her heart and would form the initial focus before broadening the scope when the product becomes more established in the market place.

Here at Concepts of Spring LLC, we focus on providing an excellent customer experience and we have experts who specialize in delivering the highest standard of Customer Service, high quality products and services for the promotion, sale and distribution of an array of physical, digital and information products across a variety of global online markets.

Concepts of Spring are committed to growth through innovation, we listen to what our customers have to say and we evolve making us an ideal partner and resource for solving problems associated with the “growing” pains of any Business.

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