Probiotics can help you shed those fats away

The health benefits that probiotics can bring to your health is continuously increasing. From better digestion to boosting your immune system, we can also consider the good bacteria in losing weight. According to an article in LiveScience, some studies suggest that probiotics reduces body fat by preventing the intestines from accumulating fat calories. The liver […]

Omega-3 fats can treat Osteoarthritis

Omega 3 resolves inflammation

Nearly 50 million Americans, have been identified with arthritis, Osteoarthritis is the most common form. Osteoarthritis happens when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones deteriorate over time. Osteoarthritis can devastate any joint in your body, it usually affects the joints in your hands, knees, hips and spine. Pain and stiffness in the joint is […]

How to alleviate Morning Sickness

morning sickness

The early weeks of pregnancy can be bothersome for most women. One of theunwanted symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. For some, this usually intensifies in the morning and diminish throughout the day, but can occur at any time, and for most women, this predicament last all day long. To add to that, episodes of morning sickness during […]