Spring Vitality Supplements

Concepts of Spring introduces its line of supplements aimed to boost your family’s health and wellness. Spring Vitality Omega 3, and Spring Vitality Probiotics supplements.

Spring Vitality Omega 3 for the whole Family

Especially formulated for adults, teens, and even kids. A high dose omega 3 supplement with balanced amounts of DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) which boosts nerve and brain function and resolves inflammation respectively. Did we mention it has a yummy lemon flavor unlike other omega 3 softgels with that fishy taste & smell?

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  • IMPROVED HEART HEALTH: According to studies omega-3 have a positive effect on heart related diseases and are the top of the list when it comes to reducing risks of heart attack making them key to optimal cardiovascular function.
  • BECOME SMARTER: Who doesn’t want to feel and appear smarter than their peers? Omega -3 supplements are said to improve your brain’s abilities. More specifically, they can lead to significant improvements in reading, spelling and behavior-especially for children.
  • OVERCOME OSTEOPOROSIS: Did you know that populations who eat more fish- for example Asia – they are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis compared to other populations and this is because fish contains high amounts of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids). However, when it comes to convenience, it’s easier to swallow a softgell each day than eating two salmon.
  • BOOST YOUR VITALITY: Thousands of doctors advocate the positive effects of omega 3 fatty acids for your health and vitality. Don’t believe us? Ask your physician and he will be able to talk to you for hours about the health benefits of omega-3.
  • CONVENIENCE: It’s not always easy to get adequate amounts of omega-3 (EPA and DHA) from your diet. Omega 3 supplements and especially softgells are a very practical way to supply your body with these essential nutrients.
  • Spring Vitality Probiotics Supplement for a healthy lifestyle

    Probiotics are living microorganisms that can provide a wide variety of health benefits, including digesting the food we eat, producing vitamins, and supporting the immune system. In addition to occurring naturally in the body, these “friendly” bacteria can result from the process of fermentation, be added to foods, or made in supplement form.

    Spring Vitality-Probiotic-Supplement-bottles

  • PROBIOTICS ARE A NATURAL MIRACLE: Probiotics can nourish, energize and supercharge your body. From strengthened immune system to increased energy they will do miracles for your health.
  • PROMOTE LIFE: Did you know that the word probiotic means “promoting life”? And that’s literally what it does. They are not a panacea, but they can definitely help you enjoy your life to the utmost by keeping you healthy.
  • HIGH CHOLESTEROL-NO PROBLEM: If the last time you had high cholesterol you were forced to lock your fridge and eat only canned beans and broccoli it must have been an awful experience. On the other hand, probiotics are said to lower your cholesterol levels naturally because of a strain of probiotics called lactobacillus reuteri.
  • SMILE FOR LIFE: Studies have found that probiotics and especially lactobacillus reuteri can kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you are interested in having a mouth full of teeth, then probiotics could a good idea.
  • IMPROVED BOWEL FUNCTION: Have you ever suffered from gas, bloating or diarrhea? If yes, then you know that digestive problems can become pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately for you, Harvard studies have found that if you eat probiotics you have a chance of decreasing diarrhea episodes and improving bowel function.
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